Hydraulic measuring equipment from Parker now available from GRANIT!


GRANIT is pleased to offer a range of measuring technology from premium manufacturer Parker. Checking and testing agricultural and construction machinery and commercial vehicle hydraulic systems is child's play with Parker. This technology will also help you easily meet the documentation requirements demanded by many machinery manufacturers today.

The handy Serviceman Plus diagnostic device allows you to quickly and easily analyse mobile or stationary hydraulic systems. This robust device can be used for numerous measuring tasks. Thanks to the automatic sensor detection, device parametrisation is no longer necessary. Instantly measure pressure, temperature, flow or speed by simply plugging in the appropriate sensor.

The Serviceman Plus is also available as a practical CAN bus kit, allowing you to connect up to three sensors to one bus line and significantly reduce the amount of wiring required. Other advantages include cable lengths of up to 50 metres and high interference resistance thanks to digital data transmission.


Further accessories for Parker measuring equipment can also be found in the GRANIT webshop. Check out the pressure sensors for measuring ranges up to 400 bar with a pre-assembled diagnostic adaptor, or the SCFT measuring turbines that can be used to measure flow rates from 8 to 300 litres.

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